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Infinity Dermatology NYC was founded by Dr. Jeffrey Weinberg, MD in Forest Hills, New York in 2012.


Here in Infinity Dermatology we ensure to provide high-quality dermatology services and a full line of high-end skin care services with only the best and well qualified staff that are all board certified. We give our patients a wide range of procedures from medical to cosmetic dermatology. We also help patients of all skin types.


The practice has grown to several neighborhoods in Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and the Bronx in order to be more convenient for you.

Jeffrey Weinberg of Infinity Dermatology

Jeffery Weinberg, MD

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Tinley Chen, PA-C


Suraj Mathial, PA-C

Bari Genoa of Infinity Dermatology

Bari Genoa, PA-C


Andi Huang, PA-C

Camile Howard-Verovic of Infinity Dermatology

Camile Howard-Verovic, DO

Verna Broughton of Infinity Dermatology

Verna Broughton PA-C

Lisa Gavronsky of Infinity Dermatology

Lisa Gavronsky, PA-C

Matthew Pathrose of Infinity Dermatology

Matthew Pathrose, PA-C

Shoni Rosenberg of Infinity Dermatology

Shoni Rosenberg, DO FAAD

Innessa Kramerman of Infinity Dermatology

Innessa Kramerman, PA-C

Baokim Bonelli of Infinity Dermatology

Baokim Bonelli, PA-C

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Navjit Dhanessur, PA-C